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The White Label App in Dating Application

For those who have been using the dating application for some time, you might have noticed that most of those dating applications are quite similar. Those are considered as the white label app. It is the kind of application that was started with one main idea or concept so that the whole thing looks a bit similar. Even though this is something good for the developer, not all of the users love this kind of thing. That is why when you are dealing with the white label dating application, there are two major things that you need to fully consider.

The Number of Users

The first one is the number of users. You can easily check this out on the Play Store or the Apple Store. That is because these two online stores are the most common places where you are able to find the dating application that you are looking for. In addition to that, you can check how many times the application has been downloaded. Yet, that is not the official number of users that you can find inside the application. You can say that the number of users is just 70 percent of the number of downloads. So, keep that in your mind so that you can find as many possible couples as you can.

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The Number of Payment

The second is the number of payments that you need to pay. You cannot deny that most of those dating applications require you to pay the monthly membership or something like that. If you really want to get your couple from the application, you have to find one with the most affordable monthly membership. Even though the basic idea of the application is similar, all of those developers have different policies about the price. So, find the most affordable one and go find your couple using that dating application.