How to Get Positive Product Reviews for Your Online Fashion Shop

You can do expensive marketing campaigns, social media work, extensive networking, and innovative sales strategies to promote your online fashion store. Still, the sales may not be rolling in without positive Product Reviews. Collecting product reviews is an essential aspect that most retailers overlook, but the majority usually check about Zaful. Most online shoppers look at what other customers have said about your product before making the final purchasing decision. When running an online fashion shop, you should fill one gap: proving to unsure customers that your website is a thriving shop that people can trust. Reading positive reviews eases customer uncertainties in several ways. Before collecting customer reviews, you should ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied with your product.  Here are a few strategies that, when implemented, can result in positive reviews of your fashion products.

· Ensure your customers can easily place orders

Your website to loading time can directly impact the eCommerce sales and conversion rate. Just a few delays in website load time can affect the conversion rate. No matter the size of your business is, it is always advisable to spend time and money on your website to increase its load time. This makes your customers happy for the excellent shopping experience and thus can be able to leave a positive review for your fashion product.

· Maintain fair prices for your product

It is very crucial to sell your fashions at customer-friendly prices. It would help if you researched your competitors’ prices selling in different channels to make your prices best. If you are selling in multiple channels like your website, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc., it is essential to keep your prices consistent across all your channels. Customers usually compare prices on your website and other sales channels. Fair prices will make your customers satisfied, thus leaving a positive review.

· Offer faster shipping time

The most popular and already established online stores have set the customer expectations that their purchases will be delivered immediately.  It might be difficult for you to match this shipping duration, but you can liaise with your shipping carriers and offer shipping times close to those established stores. Implementing a system for your customers to see when the products will be delivered can make your customers happy and give positive feedback about your products and services.

· Fast response to customer questions and concerns

Answering customers’ questions instantly can make a good impression on your customers. This is important, especially when customers are on your website shopping and have a product and shipping-related question. Most online shoppers prefer a live chat on the website to get their questions answered rather than calling the support person to get clarification. In addition, when the product is not delivered on time or the wrong size is delivered, you make it easier for customers to raise such claims. A live chat is an effective communication tool for your customers to reach you a get instant answers. It is a cost-effective solution for an eCommerce website that helps increase the conversion of online users to actual buyers.

· Immediate act on your customer feedback

Typically, customers provide constant feedback about your fashion products and delivery services. Listen to your customers’ feedback and improve on areas of concern. It would be best to instantly resolve your customers’ complaints to build a better customer relationship, creating a positive feedback loop.

· Make it easy for purchasers to write reviews

After having a good number of happy customers, it is essential to take advantage and collect positive reviews from them. Therefore, you need a system to make it easier for your customers to leave reviews. You can send a mail to your customers after delivery to enable them to reply to the mail and give their positive reviews. You can also collect reviews from social media platforms.

· Show your customers you value every opinion

Customers will be more willing to leave their reviews if they see that your shop genuinely hears them out. This includes responding to their reviews and highlighting some of them to use as testimonials. When you assure your customers that you value their opinions, they will get enticed, and more will even want to leave their comments.

· Ask for reviews at the right time

It is important to ask customers to leave product reviews but asking them at the right time is more critical. You don’t have to request reviews for your fashion when your customers visit your website; neither should you do it months later. Asking customer reviews have no fixed time, but you can learn the right time that works well for your business.

Finally, establishing a positive feedback loop from your customers is a beneficial long-term strategy for your online fashion shop. Great customer service and positive reviews about your company can expand the market for your products. You should note, the more positive reviews you have for your online shop, the more genuine your business appears to uncertain customers.