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Great Wheel Washing System Kit for Construction Industries

Cleaning the wheels and lower parts of the trucks and other vehicles in construction sites is important. It may seem simple job since it is about cleaning the wheels and removing the soils and other materials attached on the lower parts of vehicles. One of the purposes is to make sure that later the vehicles will not pollute the public road once they leave the site. Although it seems simple, big construction industries will have many trucks and the size is quite big. When washing the wheel is done manually, it takes time. That is why lkw reifenwaschanlage or wheel washing system is necessary to make the job easier to complete.

Wheel Washing System from MobyDick

Wheel washing system is great since it will run the cleaning and washing process more effectively. In this case, MobyDick provides some options of wheel washing systems and these are especially dedicated for the construction industries. The washing system works effectively since it combines the management of water power and energy consumptions. The water power and design of its nozzles are engineered carefully so it can provide higher power output with less power consumption. This is surely something interesting since it will cut the cost of power for the operation of wheel washing systems. Moreover, MobyDick also provides some models and industries can choose the most suitable wheel washing kits.

Products of Wheel Washing System

It is true that MobyDick provides the wheel washing system for the construction industries. The manufacturer is fully aware that the construction sites will keep moving once the job is completed so it needs the washing system that can be transported and installed easily wihtout taking much time. That is why the ConLine KIT Flex products are available. The washing system is modified so it can adapt well with any situation in the construction sites. It is easy to move and install since it is a kit so it is easy to assemble and operate it. There are also various product choices in the washing system kits, starting from the stationary models to the mobile models that can be installed and ready to use in short time.