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Effective and Efficient Tire Washing Technology from MobyDick

Vehicles in the construction site should get attention. Its condition should be checked properly to make sure that they can always work well without any problems. Then, it is also important to pay attention to the cleanness of the tires or wheels. This aspect may seem simple, but it can cause some problems when it is not handled well, especially for the vehicles that are going to leave the construction site. The wheels can bring the soils and other kinds of material that later can make the road dirty. Then, the dirty wheels will make things harder when it comes to maintenance. That is why there is tire washing system that will be great solution in the construction site.

Tire Washing Technology

MobyDick provides great tire washing system that will help people in cleaning the wheel completely. The wheel washer uses great technology that will allow it to wash and clean every part of the wheel completely. Soils and stones can be washed away. In this case, tire washing system does not consume too much energy. It uses combination of water volume and low water pressure. It does not require high pressure and it has great design of nozzles engineered by the experts through proper calculation. By using this, wheels can be cleaned without consuming too much power.

Water Recycling System

Water surely becomes concern in the construction site. It will cause huge cost when the water is wasted only for cleaning the wheels. Thus, MobyDick provides solution in its wheel washing technology. The water will not be wasted because it will be recycled. There are integrated tanks that will gather the used water and it will be filtered through sedimentation. Then, the water can be reused for cleaning the wheels. By doing so, it will be more effective and efficient. Wheels can be cleaned and there will not be huge operational cost for the wheel washers.